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Fun Musical Elementary School Science Assemblies

Get a Jump on Science! And supplement your schools

STEM initiative with Flumpa and Friends LIVE!

OR Wendy-The Singing Scientist SOLO shows.

“We loved the high energy and educational program. Flumpa and Friends LIVE! is well presented and organized. It fit perfectly with our science incentive program. The teachers said you’re ‘The best show they’ve ever seen!’”

PTA Robert Moton Elementary School

Carroll County, Maryland

Exploring Science, Geography and History through the ARTS! Engage your students with multi-curriculum assemblies, after school programs, camps and family nights!  Flumpa and Friends LIVE! is recognized for their innovative method of presenting science through original music and movement with full audience participation.

Building upon the success of a long-established program, Flumpa® and Friends LIVE!, balances music, movement and visuals with fundamental elementary science facts and introduces theories.  Our science assemblies emphasize an active, multi-sensory approach to ensure that students understand the concrete realities that underline elementary science.  Riveting full-scale productions with incredible results!   We do not TEACH we MOTIVATE and PRESENT science information in a clear, concise MUSICAL, HIGH-ENERGY forum!

It’s science motivation at its VERY BEST presented by REAL scientists!

WHO?  Our experienced scientist/performers will work with you to develop the most worthwhile, stimulating programming experience for your students! You will always have two performers.

WHAT?  Exciting, Educational, Engaging, Entertaining, High-Energy   45 minute – 1 hour programs starring Wendy ‘The Singing Scientist’ and a REAL scientist… a flavor chemist and Flumpa the tree frog.  Programs are created to meet your specific curriculum and standards needs and geared to grades PK-6th for public schools, private schools or home school groups.

WHEN?  Anytime through the school year and summers!  We perform 12 months of the year.  Dates are on a first booked basis.

WHERE?  Programs take place at your school! The gym floor, stage, cafeteria, we can work with any space.  We bring everything including state-of-the-art sound equipment as well as colorful stage sets.

HOW?  Contact us at 1-800-335-8672 ask for ‘Science Rocks!”

“What a wonderful show! Who knew there could be so much excitement and energy involved in understanding science. With the use of songs and activities, Flumpa & Friends brought science and environmental issues to life. I would recommend Flumpa & Friends to any audience!”

Grants Coordinator

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Choose from the following Award Winning Assemblies:

SOLO SHOWS featuring Wendy-The Singing Scientist

For years we have been asked to do smaller venues but could never ‘fit’ in the location with ‘the big guy.’  With that in mind, in 2016 we added Wendy-The Singing Scientist; STEM Comes ALIVE!

Includes the same great award-winning music that’s written by Wendy, a REAL scientist!  She is available for shows at daycares, small venues, church/religious schools, early elementary grades PK-1st and small libraries.  These shows are tailored to your venues needs in content as well as time.  Please call for information and special rates.

Wendy Whitten is an Applications Flavor Technologist that worked in the field of dairy flavoring.  She created some of the ice creams flavors you’re probably eating today!  Her degree, from the University of Maryland in Chemistry/Food Science Technology with a minor in Vocal Performance, lead her on this unique path. Combining her love of science with her flair for entertaining children through stories and songs she motivates and encourages participation.

“Learning comes alive… Capture all the mesmerizing charm of this gifted performer.”
Houston Chronicle

Contact us at 1-800-335-8672 ask for ‘SCIENCE ROCKS!”