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We set out to bring the world of science to kids in a unique way in 1994.  The first Flumpa book set the ‘stage’ for the character, Flumpa the adventurous tree frog, to be introduced with a story of friendship and discovery.  The Flumpa’s World series introduces kids to their world of science emphasizing facts as well as theories through music with different styles, tempos, beats, rhythm and rhyme written by scientists Wendy Whitten and Rick Florian.  Produced from an adult perspective in styles ranging from big band swing to rock to techno pop, their music has been called the first adult-friendly children’s album by Publishers Weekly and Family Fun Magazine.

Wendy and Rick’s mission: to open the natural wonders of the world to kids in an inspiring way that will last a lifetime.


“Science is observing, experiencing and understanding the world around us.  What better way to do than through music that grabs your attention.”  Wendy Whitten ‘The Singing Scientist’

Nationally and internationally acclaimed award winning products include:


The Adventures of Flumpa® and Friends… Someday…Someday

The journey begins for Flumpa and his friends!  Friendship and adventure a wait with ‘story songs’ accompanying this beautifully detailed first book.  Grab your passport and come along with Flumpa on his first adventure. Picture book, tape and CD combination.



Flumpa’s World – Frogs, Rain Forests & Other Fun Facts

This IS Flumpa’s World! What better way to start to understand the world around us than through your own backyard and in Flumpa’s case that’s the Tropical Rain Forest! The Future is In Our Hands. Featuring songs about habitats, reptile and amphibians, life cycles and much more!



Flumpa’s World – Out of This World

The Earth is home to all of us, from the Milky Way Galaxy to your own back yard. Join us as we have fun learning about this home of ours and the vast wonders of the Universe.  Featuring songs about the visible light spectrum, the planets, rotation & revolution and much more!



Flumpa’s World – Water, Water Everywhere

Everyday our actions affect the marine world.  The water that surrounds us is a powerful force with very little known about it.  This is your chance to discover the vast water habitats. Featuring songs about the water cycle, properties of matter, wetlands, oceans and more!



COMING SOON: Flumpa’s World – It’s Archeology AND Flumpa’s Wild, Wacky, Wonderful World of Science – Science Cycles


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“Science is an amazing subject. There are so many aspects and topics in science that need to be introduced to kids ages 2-12 so they get encouraged to go into the sciences as a future career.  Without future generations of scientists, the sciences will not continue to grow and improve.  Get them young, get them motivated and you’ll plant the seeds for a diverse future of scientists.”  Wendy Whitten ‘The Singing Scientist’

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